Helping to support independent artists and photographers with an online mask shop/gallery.  Let’s FACE it - masks are the new accessory.  Why not show off your artwork while promoting your art business and in return get free marketing with some cash back.


Become a FEATURED ARTIST and receive $5 back on every sale of your design.  All masks are handcrafted, high-quality construction, and artist made.


Up to four JPEG images of your artwork are sent to 

Once accepted, a Photoshop “mockup” of all mask image(s) are created for the artist's approval.

There is one-time online setup fee of $75.  This includes: 

  • A short bio about the artist to be highlighted on, as well as FB, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

  • A direct link to the artist's website.  (This excludes websites selling masks).   

  • $$$$$ back for every mask sold with your design.   


Elisa Boughner 

Jenny Learner 

Linda Rubin Shayman 

Stuart Shayman 

  • If interested or for more information, please e-mail me at