If your mask needs to be tightened, just loop over elastic on both sides to the preferred fit and stitch with needle and thread (see video) 

Thank you so much for purchasing one of my “hand-crafted” reusable cloth masks.  Each one is unique and has been made with love and well-wishes.


Easy to Use:

Place ear loops around ears and really PRESS DOWN on the wire around your nose and cheeks to your best fit.  This will help tighten up your mask.  Pull mask down to cover your chin. 


About Your Mask:

  • A Pipe Cleaner or thicker adhesive Tin Tie has been sewn in to create tighter fit around your nose and across cheeks.

  • To keep clean and add extra layer, use a small piece of paper towel or tissue to fit inside mask.  Then place on face, and discard after use.

  • Idea:  Add a small amount of an essential oil or favorite smell on tissue and place inside mask.

  • “A weekly wash should be fine, if it’s not soiled.  Especially if you’re not using it frequently,” according to the medical director of National Foundation for Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Maryland.  

  • If washing, remove layered HEPA filter.

  • Hand wash – line dry.  First, wet the mask with warm/hot water and rub with liquid soap so you have a lather. Then rinse, and line-dry outside on a sunny day or dry on a sanitized surface.  So as not to lose the shape of mask, please be mindful of pipe cleaner or wire around nose.


About your layered HEPA Filter:

  • Contains NO fiberglass.  No evidence when to replace.

  • A Holmes HEPA filter, layered with 100 g/m2 filter paper, can be placed inside the "pouch" of your mask. (Because of the "Open Hole" for  Reusable Straw Masks, a HEPA filter cannot be used).

  • To order more layered filters, which come in Packages of 5 for $10, e-mail me at

  • Article from New York Times

Scientists around the country have taken it upon themselves to identify everyday materials that do a better job of filtering microscopic particles. In recent tests, HEPA furnace filters scored well, as did vacuum cleaner bags, layers of 600-count pillowcases and fabric similar to flannel pajamas. Stacked coffee filters had medium scores. Scarves and bandanna material had the lowest scores, but still captured a small percentage of particles.



This mask does not have medical certification and is designed to form a

first barrier of protection to minimize droplet projections as well as hand/mouth contact. Stay healthy, safe and wear in good health.


Feel Free to e-mail me any questions!