INSTRUCTIONS, INFO and CARE for your Mask(s):

  • To keep clean and add extra layer, use a small piece of paper towel or tissue to fit inside mask.  Then place on face, and discard after use.

  • Idea:  Add a small amount of an essential oil or favorite smell on tissue and place inside mask.

  • If washing, remove filter.

  • Hand wash – line dry.   So as not to lose the shape of mask, please be mindful of wire around nose.



This mask does not have medical certification and is designed to form a first barrier of protection to minimize droplet projections as well as hand/mouth contact. Stay healthy, safe and wear in good health.

Feel Free to e-mail me any questions!

All fabric used is a soft cotton/poly blend.  Washable and reusable.  All masks have a metal nosepiece sewn in to create a tighter fit around your nose and across your cheeks. The ear loops are adjustable, so you could freely change its length according to your face contour. All masks, except kids' masks, Straw Masks and Window Masks, have a pouch for a filter.  The Straw Mask is available in Duckbill style only with a closeable "flap" when not using straw.  


About your Window Mask:

  • To help with fogging, a small amount of liquid soap has been rubbed on to the plastic, and then wiped dry.   You can also do this.  No water used.

About Your Cloth Mask:

  • One filter can be placed inside the “pouch.”  No evidence when to replace.(Because of Buttonhole on Straw Mask, no filter can be placed.)