Elisa was born in the United States, raised in Mexico and studied art in America and Europe. Her work reflects the influence of all these cultures, with a range of painting methods from the Impressionists, Expressionists, and the Cubists. The result is a unique and highly personal style that brings extraordinary vibrance to often ordinary subjects.   https://www.boughnerart.com/


All fabric used is a soft cotton/poly blend.  Washable and reusable.  All masks have a metal nosepiece sewn in to create a tighter fit around your nose and across your cheeks. The ear loops are adjustable, so you could freely change its length according to your face contour.  Mask has a pouch for a filter.  The replica of this image can vary in color.


Kids' Small/Medium - From 4 to 7 years old (one size)

Kids' Large - 8-12 years old (one size)


Adult Small - Smaller than average-size teenager or woman.

Adult Medium - Average-size woman or teenager

Adult Large - Average-size man or a woman with generous head size.

Adult Extra Large - Man or woman with generous head size, or man with an abundance of facial hair.



This mask does not have medical certification and is designed to form a first barrier of protection to minimize droplet projections as well as hand/mouth contact. Stay safe and wear in good health!

Elisa Boughner's "Van Gogh Trees"

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